Location & Climate

Location & Transportation

Lead and Deadwood are located at the center of the Northern Black Hills, the region’s economic center since 1876. The cities have good access to a variety of transportation services.

Interstate 90: One of the main east-west routes in the United States, this 3,100-mile highway runs from Seattle to Boston. Lead-Deadwood is 10 miles from I-90 via four-lane U.S. Highway 85.

U.S. Highway 85: One of the nation’s major two- and four-lane north-south routes, U.S. 85 runs 1,480 miles from Mexico to Canada. It runs through the Williston Basin of North Dakota, one of the biggest oil plays in North America.

Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad: This regional carrier operates on track running from Colony, Wyo. to Rapid City and points south and east. The nearest loading facility to Lead-Deadwood is in Whitewood.

Black Hills Airport/Clyde Ice Field: It’s a county-owned public-use general aviation airport about 12 miles from Lead-Deadwood. Eagle Aviation is the fixed-based operator.

Rapid City Regional Airport: This airport serves more than 500,000 airline passengers a year. United, Delta, American and Allegiant offer nonstop service to Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Phoenix-Mesa.

Climate & Geography


  • Elevation: 4,531 feet.
  • Average High Temp: 55.8 F
  • July Average High: 81 F
  • Average Low Temp: 31.4 F
  • January Average Low: 11 F
  • Average Precipitation: 28.43 inches
  • Average Snowfall: 107 inches


  • Elevation: 5,280 feet.
  • Average High Temp: 54.8 F
  • July Average High: 79 F
  • Average Low Temp: 34 F
  • January Average Low: 17 F
  • Average Precipitation: 30.55 inches
  • Average Snowfall: 145 inches
The Tools You Need
The Lead-Deadwood area is near the geographic center of the United States. It’s close to major transportation routes such as Interstate 90 and the Ports to Plains route from Canada to Mexico. We have a well-educated workforce, and our people know the value of hard work.