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In addition to millions of annual visitors, this area continues to attract residents and business people who seek a high quality of life and a favorable business climate. You’d be hard-pressed to find a safer—or more fun—place than Deadwood, Lead, and Central City. South Dakota is proud to be the ideal location for businesses to succeed, and this area is no exception. South Dakota has no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no personal property tax, no inheritance tax and no business inventory tax.


Industry Graph

Firm Type of Business Jobs
Lodge at Deadwood Gaming/Hotel 266
Deadwood Mountain Grand Gaming/Hotel 186
Silverado/Franklin Gaming/Hotel 174
Cadillac Jack's/Springhill Gaming/Hotel 170
Wharf Resources Mining 170
Lead/Deadwood Schools Education 150
Sanford Lab Scientific Research 141
First Gold Gaming/Hotel 141
Northern Hills Hospital Medical/Clinic 130
City of Deadwood Government 128



The Northern Hills provides year-round recreation and there are many opportunities for businesses who wish to cater to the outdoor recreation enthusiast while enjoying a low cost of living and wonderful business climate.

The cities of Deadwood & Lead both provide direct access to the Mickelson Trail. Spearfish Canyon is within 15 minutes of the region, providing fly fishing & hiking in the summer. There are two ski resorts, zero gravity tubing, 350 miles of groomed snowmobiling trails, and numerous cross-co. ski and snowshoeing trails within 10 minutes of the region making this a wonderful outdoor playground all at a reasonable price to do business.



Every community has a rich historical background, and our area is no exception.  The Northern Black Hills is known for the Wild West Gold Rush Days.   The town of Deadwood is a National Historic Landmark and both Deadwood and Lead are home to several museums and historical sites. This rich history attracts millions of visitors each year, including Road Scholars who want to learn more about this part of America's history. 


Deadwood was one of the first small communities in the Midwest to embrace gambling as an economic development strategy. As a nod to the rich history of gaming  in the region, legal casino gambling began on November 1, 1989 as a method to stimulate tourism and the local economy.  Today gaming is an important component to the economy of the region and the State of South Dakota.


Science & Technology

This region has always been on the forefront of discovery, first Gold and now Neutrinos. Homestake Mine was an industry leader in mining methods, water treatment and education. We continue to welcome those innovators and entrepreneurs who wish to forge into the future with new products and ventures.

Sanford Underground Research Facility

At the frontier of physics

Researchers at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota, go deep underground to try to answer some of the most challenging physics questions about the universe. What is the origin of matter? What is dark matter and how do we know it exists? What are the properties of neutrinos?
Sanford Lab is located at the former Homestake gold mine, a physics landmark long before being converted into a dedicated science facility. Nuclear chemist Ray Davis first recognized the potential for deep science in the mid-1960s when he built his solar neutrino experiment at Homestake. In 2002, his ground-breaking research earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Why do scientists go so deep underground to study particles that come from the universe? Hold out your hand. On the surface, millions of cosmic rays pass through it every few months. But nearly a mile underground, it’s a million times quieter! The rock acts as a natural shield, blocking most of the radiation that can interfere with sensitive physics experiments. It turns out Sanford Lab is particularly suited to large physics experiments for another reason—the hard rock is perfect for excavating the large caverns needed for big experiments.

Visit The Sanford Underground Research Facility Website


Impak, a maker of soft plastic packaging sold all over the United States, is located on Central City’s Main Street. The business employs five people. Its primary product, the VERSA-PAK, was originally designed as a shipping container for aeronautical parts. But its flexible, sealable design made it ideal for a variety of products.

Today, pharmaceutical companies use Impak’s packaging for medicine samples. Ear plugs for NASCAR and rock concerts are sold in Impact packaging. Company President Brooke Galland said she’s been working recently with chewing gum giant Wrigley on specialized product packaging ideas.

Brooke’s father, company founder Rod Galland, moved the business to Central City about 18 years ago.


Barrick Gold-Homestake

Since gold was discovered in the Black Hills in 1874, Mining has played an important role in the business climate of the region. The rich history of Homestake Mining Company has sculpted the history of the region, however, mining continues to be a part of the economic climate of the area. In 2001 Homestake announced a merger with Barrick Gold Corp., making the new company the third largest gold mining company in the world. The new parent company operates under the Barrick Gold name. The mine itself retains the name Homestake Mining Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp.

Coeur Mining

The Wharf, South Dakota mine is located four miles west of Lead, South Dakota, in the northern Black Hills region.

The Wharf mine is an open pit, heap leach operation and was acquired by Coeur in February 2015. Wharf has been in production for over 30 years after commencing production with an estimated three-year mine life. During that period, Wharf has produced over 2.0 million ounces of gold. The property consists of several areas of adjoining gold mineralization, which have been mined as a series of open pits.


The Tools You Need
The Lead-Deadwood area is near the geographic center of the United States. It’s close to major transportation routes such as Interstate 90 and the Ports to Plains route from Canada to Mexico. We have a well-educated workforce, and our people know the value of hard work.